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These materials are not related to any specific embroidery software platform,
and will be invaluable with all.
plain conversationtional language, learn the necessary BASIC skills needed for digitizing
embroidery designs. These matierials are simple to use and learn, and are truly never 'outdated'!
For beginners, collect a variety of heavily illustrated E-booklets (.PDF); and videos that are
amazingly easy to understand, yet, provide a solid foundation for good embroidery design.
Check out our selection of E-booklets and videos!
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Embroidery is ONLY profitable if: the needle is down!!!
Save money by efficiantly routed embroidery designs, where often, the only 'trims' are
between color changes (of course)! Set yourself apart with creative interpretations- not just 'flat fills'.
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and clips of designs 'stitching'!
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